DesignBuild is faster, less costly and more efficient than any other method of project construction.

Unified Resources

The Design-Build system places both design and construction resources under a single umbrella. Rather than dealing with multiple companies, the client has leadership from a single entity responsible for controlling costs and quality, scheduling and performance. Design-Build provides a continuous and comprehensive view of the project, rather than "limited visibility" from multiple providers.

Clear Communication

Close work with the client from the outset allows the Design-Build team to accurately conceptualize the completed project. This leads to a clear understanding of project scope far sooner and helps steer the early decisions– which have the greatest impact upon cost. Time Savings – With a single Design-Build team, bidding periods and redesign time are eliminated. Design and construction follow each other seamlessly and long lead-time items can be ordered early in the process. Total Design-Build time is significantly less, which allows the speedy delivery of the completed facility or structure.

Dollar Savings

When design and construction personnel communicate as a team, combined efficiencies can be exerted upon the entire project-- from site work to mechanical and electrical systems. And because the Design-Build entity is responsible for both design and construction, cost overruns are never the responsibility of the client. The client pays only for changes that he or she initiates.

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