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Under the direction of Dave Menzel and his MAI Design Build, the Crane Creek Medical Center is rapidly coming to life as a 210,000 square foot structure for health care providers and diagnostic services including primary and specialty care Osler physicians, Wuesthoff Health System, Florida Tech and Neuroskeletal Imaging.

DAVE MENZEL, President of MAI Design Build, with a rendering of the Crane Creek Medical Center. Below, the 210,000 square foot medical structure under construction.

The building features a 200-seat lecture auditorium, pharmacy, medical retail, outpatient surgery center and four operating rooms. Open and closed MRIs, a 64-slice CT scanner and an impressive array of other equipment will help physicians diagnose a variety of conditions and illnesses.

Crane Creek

MAI Design-Build excels at medical building projects large and small - from start to finish. Their high percentage of repeat clients and referral projects is a source of pride and proof of success for a company that emphasizes close working relationships and complete client satisfaction. MIA President Menzel has been referred to by his clients as "the most creative architectural engineer in the region."

Established in 1985 by Menzel, P.E., MAI Design-Build provides architectural design services along with in-house engineering, space planning and interior design. MAI Design-Build has designed, engineered or built over 200 medical projects since 1985. "My greatest challenge was in the space planning, getting a building that size on the site," said Menzel about the Crane Creek Medical Center.

No job too small
Not every medical project is the size of Crane Creek. Most aren't. But each comes with its own set of challenges. Across town on West Nasa Boulevard, Dr. James McManus and Dr. Christopher Shumake were wondering in 2002 how to make the most out of the two-story building they had purchased. Practicing in Melbourne since the late 80s, the doctors had three Brevard locations already but needed more space because of growing demand.

At 30,000+ square feet, the acquired structure had a lot of potential, but would require complete renovation before it could become the comprehensive all-in-one vision care complex the pair wanted.

The Eye Institute's Surgery Center is licensed by the State of Florida and certified by Medicare.

The Eye Institute's Surgery Center is licensed by the State of Florida and
certified by Medicare.

The design-build firm hired for the job saw to the details. For MAI Design-Build, that meant working with approved plans and inspections from the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). AHCA requirements were stringent and specific, but nothing MAI hadn't come across in their previous medical projects, according to Vice President Carlos Alvarez.

"For a job like this, a good understanding of the regulatory or accrediting body is key," said Alvarez. "We made sure from the planning stage that everything would meet or exceed AHCA standards. The doctors knew exactly what they wanted. It was clear sailing."

The first stage of the renovation involved a redesign of the entire upper floor. Previously occupied by a software company, the building had numerous small spaces which became exam rooms. The new space allowed for an easy flow and efficient movement between the waiting area, exam rooms, administrative, medical offices and Optical Shop.

The doctors and staff moved in to the new second story; knowing the big test was yet to come: The first floor was to be completely transformed into a surgery center - during the normal operation of the practice upstairs. The doctors and staff shared concerns about noise and distractions.

"One thing we knew for sure is that we didn't want the remodeling to affect our patients' experience," said Dr. McManus. "We didn't want them inconvenienced for the sake of the project."

As construction commenced, it became clear that the doctor's fears were unfounded. The activity created only a minimal disturbance, thanks to the separation of the floors. And while it wasn't possible to completely shield people from the sound of construction, a lot of them had fun with it, said Dr. McManus.

"We used to joke with patients about the renovation. They were fine with it. They knew we were remodeling and they were as anxious as we were to see the final result."

Today, the surgery center is the site of numerous LASIK surgeries, cataract and retinal surgeries, corneal transplants and other vision-related procedures. The Eye Institute's Surgery Center is licensed by the State of Florida and certified by Medicare and the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care Inc. (AAAHC). The surgical facility has grown in popularity and is used by a number of surgeons other than those of The Eye Institute.

Dr. Shumake characterizes the results: "I wouldn't think you could call a surgery center beautiful, but this is. The layout is functional and efficient; just as we envisioned it. And upstairs, the new waiting area is a comfortable place for people to wait for surgical patients. We're pleased."

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