New Buildings Establish Style

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In the Viera area, The Avenue Viera retail center, Health First's Pro-Health and Fitness Center and the Wesche Jewelers building are four of the major projects that have solidified a strong Mediterranean and Spanish architecture style for the community.

Some of those involved in the process say the role of review boards as these styles have progressed has been generally positive. And just because there is an economic slowdown, no one should expect review committees to overlook their charge of monitoring building designs. Craig Suman, vice president for the Melbourne based Holeman-Suman Architects Inc, said architectural review boards "operate mostly within the opinions of the persons on the board" who usually reside in the community. Suman has served on numerous boards architectural review boards in Brevard and says they are the domain of the strongly opinionated.

"Architecture like many things, generates emotion in people. The emotion is usually tempered by the likes, dislikes, and opinions of the observer," Suman said. "For the most part, these boards or committees are meant to keep a sense of continuity of their image of their community, mainly concerning property values, and sometimes to impose opinion of style."

Some buildings like the new Melbourne City Hall, will likely be a significant influence on future structures and may induce existing structures to adopt newer, fresher facades.

The same with Cocoa Beach. Dave Menzel, president of MAI Design-Build, who can claim credit for more than 500 building projects in Brevard and surrounding. counties, said the Cocoa Beach Surf Co. building - which includes a retail center and the 75 room, five story Sheraton Four Points Hotel - is one of the favorites.


The building, at 4001 N.Atlantic Avenue, is directly south of another of Brevard's most high profile buildings, the Ron Jon Surf Shop. "The Cocoa Beach Surf Co. incorporates retail signage and products directly into the architecture," Menzel said. "The combination has been so successful that it has made the project an attraction of sorts that stimulates passersby to visit and shop."

Crane Creek

MAI Design-Build also is helping with the new Crane Creek Medical Center in Melbourne, which will be just south of the new city hall. Nagrodsky, who also designed Wesche Jewelers at 8145 N.Wickham Road in Viera, said being in touch with existing community standards should play a key factor in design.

"As long as the building is designed well," Nagrodsky said, "meaning scale, proportion, color, positioning of building on site, are factored into the overall design, then I believe the building will be successful."

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